It is important that the town centre is actively managed as a high quality retail and leisure environment at the heart of the Island’s community. As part of this remit Douglas Town Centre Management manages the licensing of pavement cafés, street trading, charity street collections and busking.  Please click on the links below to find out more.

Should you wish to discuss any matters regarding licensing you can contact the Town Centre Manager on 696304 or

A-boards are not permitted on the public highway in Douglas
From 30th June 2017 a blanket ban was put in place prohibiting ‘A’ Boards from the public highway in Douglas.
Pavement Cafés
Douglas Town Centre Management encourages the setting up of pavement cafés, restaurants and bars which contribute positively to the streetscape and provide a welcome facility for residents and visitors.

In order to place tables and chairs on the public highway you must obtain a highway licence.The guidelines and application forms are available here.

Street Trading
Under the Pedlars and Street Trader’s Act 1906 you are required to obtain a Street Trader’s Licence in order to trade in an open public space. Any prospective street traders must complete an application form to obtain a licence. It is recommended speaking to the Town Centre Manager before applying for a licence, as there are a number of elements (such as competition with established businesses) which will need to be considered. There is no charge to apply for a street trader’s licence, although you may be required to pay a ‘pitch’ fee to cover expenses if trading as part of a wider event.

All street traders are required to be adequately insured and hold any relevant certification including food hygiene and health and safety.

Traders not resident in the Isle of Man are required to obtain a non-resident trader’s licence from Trading Standards, but we would recommend speaking to the Town Centre Manager before proceeding.

Charitable Collections
It is mandatory under the Douglas General Byelaws 2013 for charities to gain written consent from the local authority prior to collecting money from the public in the street

The Council will permit a maximum of 28 collections each year in the town centre, although additional collections can be authorised should charitable bodies wish to hold fundraising events elsewhere in the Borough.

Applications are welcomed from 1st September until 12th November for collections for the following year and allocated on a first come first served basis.

Further information and the application form can be downloaded here.


Douglas Town Centre Management issues annual licences for approved performers to perform in the town centre. We welcome all types of performers including dancers, singers, bands, musicians and magicians. In order to maintain quality, all performers will be required to audition prior to being issued with a licence for the first time. Once you have received your licence you will also be given a unique link to Teamup, which will allow you to book your own busking slots.

If you would like the opportunity to busk in the town centre then please contact us on 696308 to arrange an audition.