Shopwatch is an anti-retail crime initiative, which is driven by Douglas retailers, supported by the police and administered by Douglas Town Centre Management. The primary aim of the scheme is to reduce members’ losses through shoplifting by helping them to recognise convicted shoplifters and other relevant criminals and banning them from all members’ premises for a specific period of time.

Shopwatch provides a communication network using SMS messaging to keep members posted about potential shoplifters operating in the town centre and other relevant activity. It also provides a forum for the discussion and solution of members’ problems relating to retail crime. Member businesses are marked by a Shopwatch sticker.

Membership to the scheme is free and allows you to have up to two phones receiving the SMS updates.

Committee meetings are held at the Douglas Town Centre Management offices on a quarterly basis. These meetings are open to all members.

Shopwatch Membership

There are 79 member stores in Douglas town centre.

If you would like to become a member please call 696308.

2017 Shopwatch Handbook

SHOPWATCH 3 incident report form

Becoming a Shopwatch member

Any retailer within Douglas is eligible to join the Shopwatch scheme and attend, participate and vote at committee meetings as a member.

In order to receive live warnings about shoplifters operating in Douglas, you will need to allocate one or more mobile phone numbers to the scheme database, either using personal phones of staff or a phone/phones dedicated to the store.

Membership to the Shopwatch scheme is free.

All member stores will be provided with a portfolio of photographs of those with a Shopwatch ban. This must be kept in a private secure area which is not accessible to members of the public and staff members not authorised to see it.

IT IS VITAL TO THE FUTURE OF SHOPWATCH THAT ALL MEMBERS COMPLY FULLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE DATA PROTECTION ACT. Before being given the portfolio you will be fully briefed by a member of the Isle of Man Constabulary and provided with a copy of the 2017 Shopwatch Handbook.

To become a member please complete this Form and return to the Douglas Town Centre Management offices at the following address.

Douglas Town Centre Management,
13 Church Street,
Isle of Man,

If you would like more information about Shopwatch please contact the Douglas Town Center Manangement Office on 696308.